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North Carolina Standard Course of Study

English Language Arts Goal 2: The learner will apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed.
2.06 Summarize major points from fiction and nonfiction text(s) to clarify and retain information and ideas.
Justification for use: This web site contains a quiz that assess comprehension of passages read in the novel The Witches.

Description of content, Instructional Uses, and Best Features This site contains 10 multiple choice and short answers that questions that can be used to review the Roald Dahl novel The Witches. The site is interactive and scores the responses supply the incorrect answers. This can be used independently as a review strategy.

Learning Strategies and Teaching Methods

Learning strategy - presentation of assessment material. This site can be used as a formative assessment with "clicker systems" as a fun way to review the novel while checking student comprehension.

Possible Problems

The questions are mainly knowledge level (Bloom's Taxonomy) and do not employ higher order thinking skills. The last question refers to the movie made of the novel and may not be appropriate unless the class has also view the movie.